Meeting the social-emotional needs of adolescents with sight impairment and preventing school exclusion: The development of a digital intervention based on adolescent and adult advisory groups

Principal Investigator (PI), Institute for Mental Health, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham

Co-investigators: Dr Maria Livanou (King’s College London), Dr Stephanie Burnett Heyes (University of Birmingham), Dr Fiona Barlow-Brown (Kingston University London)

Tasks: setting up the research team, internal grant application, ethics application, contact with national organisations and professional services, preparation of quantitative and qualitative materials, advisory group sessions with adolescents with vision impairment and professionals, thematic analysis, game storyline, supervision of the Research Assistant (RA) who designs Regoal and the four RAs working on the project, drafting reports and peer-reviewed paper, organisation of dissemination event (livestreamed workshop)