Developing university guidance for the socio-emotional needs of students with vision impairment (supported by the Thomas Pocklington Trust Research Grant)

Principal Investigator (PI), Institute for Mental Health, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham 

Co-investigators: Dr Fiona Barlow-Brown (Kingston University London), Dr Rachel Hewett (University of Birmingham), Dr Mhairi Thurston (Abertay University), Professor John Ravenscroft (University of Edinburgh), Dr Joao Roe (Sensory Support Service in Bristol)

Tasks: setting up the research team; external grant application; ethics application, contact with national organisations and professional services, preparation of qualitative materials, supervision of the Research Associate (RA) of the project, development and chairing of adult advisory group, thematic and content analysis, writing of reports and peer-reviewed papers, organisation of dissemination event (livestreamed workshop)